Our Philosophy


In our preschool, we strongly believe the learning process for each child initiates naturally through his or her personal interest. Children need to explore on their own and can observe others to build that interest. Once the interest is captured, a child will learn through experimentation of the material. Also, by letting children explore, observe and experiment provides our teachers the opportunity to learn what each child’s interests are and how he or she learns. This helps us develop the best way to individualize our instruction to determine the best way of teaching them.



We want our children to feel they are safe and secure in every way so they can focus their full energy on learning. Our first step is to help the child build a strong social and emotional foundation. This helps children develop relationships with peers as well as adults, which will serve as a reliable support system during difficult times. It is incredible what words of encouragement from a peer can do for a discouraged child. We believe there is no such thing as a “bad child”; if a child does not know how to behave – we teach.

Love what you do

We believe once you enjoy something, you will put your heart into it. As important as it is for our children to have fun learning, we also make sure our teachers have fun teaching. After all, what’s life without laughter, smiles, and fun!