Weekend Classes

Application for Saturday Fall Classes are Now Available! 

Our Caterpillars are busy little people and at times it is hard to keep up with them. In this class, our focus is on developing attention span, independence, fine tuning gross motor skills, using sign language to assist with communication and most importantly having fun while exploring and learning new things.We start off with open play to give toddlers an opportunity to socialize and be around their peers. Then as a collective effort, we clean up the toys and gather on the rug for fun and engaging music and movement activities. After we dance, jump, stretch all of our sillies out, we quiet down for a story with a developmentally appropriate art or sensory activity to follow.


Application for Saturday Fall Classes are Now Available! 


Our Busy Bees are independent, energized little individuals, who often say, “I can do it myself.” In this class, our focus is on fostering their abilities and confidence to become more independent. We follow their lead during open play, and encourage them to play and share with peers.We start off with open play, then as a collective effort, we clean up the toys and gather on the rug for fun and engaging music and movement activities. After we dance, jump, stretch all of our sillies out, we quiet down for a story with a related art activity to follow.


Application for Saturday Fall Classes are Now Available! 


Our weekend preschool class is primarily for children who will be entering Pre-K (4 years old) in September 2017 and are interested in receiving extra help for the gifted and talented test which will take place in January 2018 or to receive extra help academically. The class is a 2 hour session. During the 2 hours, the children will be taught the concepts which will be on the test in a hands on, engaging way, and will be given the opportunity to take practice tests. The goal is to expose the children to the concepts and the structure of the test, then letting them sharpen their skills through practice. Parents do not have to be present for this class. Children must be toilet-trained and have a medical form completed by the pediatrician evidencing the child is up to date on immunizations.

Fall 2017 Class Information


Class Dates

How to Apply:

    1. Complete the online application by clicking here.
    2. Submit the non-refundable payment for the registration fee & cost of the class via the PayPal below.
    3. We will send you an email after we have received the application and payment to confirm your registration in the class.

Weekend (Saturday) Classes

Weekend Class Policies

  1. Class Tuition Rate – The class tuition fee is due upon application for the class.  Your spot will be confirmed upon the receipt of both the online application and the tuition fee.
  2. Refunds – We do not issue refunds for the tuition once received.  If families decide to withdraw from the class, we will give the family the opportunity to join weekend future classes with the remaining classes they did not attend based on availability.
  3. Make-up classes – For Parent & Child classes, each child can make up to 2 classes.  The family must inform the teacher ahead of time to ensure there will be an available spot for the make up.  For Preschool classes, we only have 1 weekend preschool class at the moment and so there will NOT be an opportunity for making up missed classes.
  4. Waiver – An Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability must be signed by the parent or guardian of the child in order for the child to participate in our classes.
  5. Medical form (ONLY for Preschool class students) – All medical forms must be completed before the student can begin classes.  It is the parents’ obligation to inform school of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.  We do not administer any medications.  Each student’s medical information must be updated with periodic health examinations when the student turns 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, with updates on immunizations and health status.
  6. Discipline policy  (ONLY for Preschool class students)– If a child exhibits ongoing problems that are disruptive to the classroom, the child’s physical safety or safety of other children, families will be asked to meet with our staff to assess the child’s needs. We will work with the families to create an intervention plan.  If we determine we do not have the adequate resources to meet the child’s needs, we will discuss alternative plans with the family.
  7. Pick up policy  (ONLY for Preschool class students) – Please ensure your child is picked up on time as agreed upon in the signed agreement. If students are not picked up by the agreed upon time, there will be a late pick up charge of $5 for every 10 minutes after the agreed upon pick up time until your child is picked up.
  8. Toilet training  (ONLY for Weekend Preschool class students) – In order to join our Weekend Preschool class, the child must be toilet trained and able to communicate the need to use the bathroom.