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  • When was Purple Crayon opened?
    Purple Crayon has been operating as a Pre – School / Day care since 2014.
  • What is the teacher student ratio?
    In our 2’s classroom, there is at least 2 teachers to tend to 10-12 children. For the 3’s there are 2 teachers for up to 15 children. The UPK program has 2 teachers for up to 18 children.
  • Is there a uniform policy?
    There is no uniform policy. Children should wear comfortable clothing they can move around in. Since the children will be involved in many different art activities, their clothing may get a little dirty.
  • Does my child need to be potty trained?
    Your child does not need to be toilet trained to be in our program. When the family notifies the teacher they are starting to toilet train, we will work with the family to utilize similar strategies to ensure there is carryover from home to school for toilet training. If we notice your child is interested in using the toilet, we will discuss it further with you and work on a plan to toilet train your child.
  • What happens if my child doesn't sleep during naptime?
    If your child does not sleep during naptime, he or she will be asked to stay on the cot until the other children are sleeping. Then he or she can bring a quiet activity to his or her cot, or can work with a quiet activity at the table.
  • My child receives services through EI or CPSE, can he/she go to PC?"
    If your child receives services through EI or CPSE, please contact the director at PC to discuss your child’s needs. This will help you and us determine if Purple Crayon is a good fit for your child.
  • How do I start the application process?
    The enrollment process can begin with an e-mail or phone call to Purple Crayon to find out more information about our program and/or request for a tour of the school. You can also visit our application page that can be found in the “Program Information” section, which will have additional information about the semester we are currently enrolling for.
  • When should I enroll my child?
    Applications for the following school year will begin in September of the prior year. For example, the application for the September 2018-2019 school year will be available on our website starting September 2017. The application will remain available throughout the school year. This application will also allow families to join the waitlist (if all spots are filled). For families only interested in the summer program (July – August), the application will be available in January of the same year.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    Yes, there is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $150.
  • What time is the full day or half day programs?
    The full day program starts at 8:30am and ends at 5:30pm. The morning half day program starts at 9:30am and ends at 12:00pm.
  • Is there a late pickup or early drop off option?
    There is an early drop off option that begins at 7:30am, which requires an additional fee of $100 per month. The latest pickup is at 6:00pm, which requires an additional fee of $50 per month. Families who pick up their child later than 6:00pm will be charged a late fee for each occurrence.
  • What happens to my deposit?
    A deposit will be requested for each school year. The deposit will be applied to the last month of the school year or to the last month your child is enrolled in the program.
  • What other fees will be required?
    Aside from the tuition and registration fee, there are no other required payments. We do have events throughout the school year and may ask families to contribute with small donations or with food items to the celebration (i.e. snacks, drinks).
  • What is Universal PreK (UPK) or PreK For All (PKA)?
    UPK or PKA are names used when referring to the city-funded Pre-K program for children who will be turning 4 by the end of the year. This is a 6 hour and 20 minute per day program. There is no charge for this program and there is no income requirement. In order to apply for this program, your child must be born in the eligible year.
  • How do I apply for Purple Crayon's UPK program?
    The application process is all centralized and performed through the NYC Department of Education’s website. You can go to to sign up for newsletters and updates to ensure you are informed of the process. Once you have signed up for the newsletters, you will receive an email informing you of when and how to apply for the UPK program. Typically the application process begins in January of the year your child will turn 4. When applying for the UPK program, you can put in our school code to apply for our program. Our school code is Kiddieprise-1520 86 Street (KCNH). Purple Crayon families will also be informed of when the application process begins.
  • How many spots do you have in your UPK program?
    We have 31 spots in our UPK program.
  • What are the chances of my child getting into the UPK program?
    The students who are selected for our UPK program are determined by the NYC Department of Education. The first level of priority goes to children who are matriculated in our program. The second level of priority goes to children who have siblings in our program.
  • How much does UPK cost?
    There is no fee for the UPK program. However, if you decide to enroll your child in the after school program or if you require early drop off, there is an additional fee that will be required.
  • What is the schedule like?
    Please click here to view the activities of the day.
  • I see "Meeting Time" in the daily schedule. What is meeting time?"
    Meeting time is one of the large group activity times, when the children come together to learn as a community. During this time, they learn skills such as listening to one another, participating together in class activities, and building respect for each other. We sing, read, and dance with each other to build bonds and support each other as a community.
  • I see "Center Time" in the daily schedule. What is center time?"
    Center time is when the children can make a choice of the toy and place to play in within their classroom. It has been proven this free play time is paramount for early childhood development and it is a time when they have time to develop important skills. This is also the time when the teachers will be able to observe the children and work with them on areas that need extra support.
  • I see "Gross Motor Activity" in the daily schedule. What is gross motor activity?"
    Gross motor activity is a general term for activities that engage the children in large movements where they utilize their muscles. Some examples of these activities are jumping, walking, running, dancing, hopping, crawling, etc. The activities may include a neighborhood walk, outdoor play in our play yard, music and movement, playing at the nearby park.
  • What are the meals provided?
    The main meals we serve are breakfast, lunch and snack. Families can send meals or snacks for their children if they wish to do so. A weekly meal menu will be distributed via email at the end of each week.
  • What if my child has allergies?
    Our meals are provided by The Red Rabbit Organization. Red Rabbit provides options for children with allergies, which can be chosen in the application.
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