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A Day at Purple Crayon

daily schedules

3K and Pre-K For All



Time to begin the school day! When the children arrive, they will hang up their belongings, change into their school shoes, and walk into their classrooms.

Image by Mariah Hewines

Morning Snack

At Purple Crayon, we serve our children a yummy nutritious breakfast everyday.
They enjoy foods such as cereal, yogurt, and milk that we provide for them.


Meeting Time

Children come together as a community of learners, explorers, and friends. They
develop social and language skills by communicating to each other the plan for the day, and responding to one another. They sing songs, recite rhymes, find out about the weather, and explore different ideas taught throughout the month.


Center Time

Children work independently or with their classmates during center time. They make choices about what to play, where they will explore, and how they want to learn everyday. They read and write, color, paint, cut, build, and play pretend. Children will learn to make plans and review what they did during center time. This is also the time when the teachers will conduct small group activities focusing on common core goals.



During large group activities, the children will engage in a mini-lesson, art, and story time! The mini lesson is a structured group activity that focuses on math, literacy, or scientific thinking skills. In arts and crafts, the children work on hands-on activities to explore their creativity and artistic skills while fine tuning their fine motor skills. Story time is one of the activities the children also quite fond of; they sit down, relax, and enter a world of imagination (not to mention they are developing literacy skills without even realizing).



At this time of the day, it is time to relax and settle down to a delicious, healthy lunch!

nap time.jpg

Rest Time

Now that everyone's tummies are full, it is the best time to take a short rest to replenish some energy with a nap or simply resting their bodies while listening to some soothing music.


Afternoon Center Time

Children continue to work in different learning centers and extend their play from the morning as teachers conduct small group activities or join in with the play.


Gross Motor Activity/ Outdoor Play

Children play and exercise their muscles to develop coordination, and healthy habits. It is important for children to play outside as it reinforces healthy habits and improves their motor skills. It also helps their brains to get into motion and build connections more effectively.


Debrief Meeting

We will talk about all that was learned and observed during the day's activities and events.

parent pickup.jpg


After a long day of learning and having fun, it’s time to put on our outside shoes and head home!

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