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Welcome to
the Purple  Crayon!

Licensed Preschool For Children Ages 2 - 5

Purple Crayon has been operating as a Preschool since 2014. Our mission at Purple Crayon is to provide a nurturing, caring and rigorous quality early childhood education to children residing in Southern Brooklyn, New York.

Private Preschool

Private Pre-School
for 2 year old children

We offer a 6 hour or full day private preschool program for 2 year old children.


This program consists of a balanced curriculum of free play and structured activities based on a thematic unit.


We want to ensure the children are having fun and learning skills necessary to be successful in our PreK for All class and ultimately Kindergarten.


This program has a rolling admission process.

Universal Pre-K
Image by Taylor Heery

3-K and Pre-K (Ages 3-5)

This is the NYC 3-K and Pre-K for All program for children who are turning 3 or 4 by December of the current year.


This is a NYC-funded program which runs

from September to June. The school day is for 6 hours and 20 minutes.


There is also an afterschool program we offer to our matriculated students.


The application process for this class is typically in January and February of the year.




Purple Crayon was our choice when enrolling our son into preschool. We're very happy with our decision and love the facility. The facility is clean and spacious. Purple Crayon's staff are very professional and offers a good daily curriculum for the children to learn. We highly recommend this preschool for anyone considering to enroll their children in one.

- William Chang

We are so happy to have Vivian in school here where she "plays and learns" everyday. And she loves to learn. Her teachers are wonderful - kind and attentive, the school itself clean and welcoming, and the daily reports are a nice touch allowing us to talk to Vivian about what she is doing at school as well as see her and her friends learning and playing.

- Christa Baiada

All of the teachers are amazing! I tend to be very particular about my son's schooling because we have had some not great experiences, but I am really pleased. I receive daily reports that include photos, video and a detailed discussion of my child's day. Stefanie and Franchesca are loving and kind to my little one. I couldn't be more pleased.

- Stephanie Boyle

My 3 year old son attends Purple Crayon. I am extremely impressed at how attentive and engaging the teachers are with the class. They are always quick to communicate and are always very hands on with my son. I am a working mom but their daily emails, pictures and videos keeps me involved in his daily activities at school. I am very happy with how my son has flourished under their watch. Keep up the great work Purple Crayon!

- Carol Leung-Ouyang

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