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a day at purple crayon

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Tropical Leaves 4


At Purple Crayon, we serve our children a yummy nutritious breakfast everyday.


They enjoy the cereal, yogurt, and milk that we provide for them.


Meeting Time

During the afternoon meeting time, we welcome our half day friends and we talk about what we have been learning throughout the month along with a review of the calendar and weather. We also use this time to talk about what is to come for the remainder of the day or introduce a new skill that will be worked on during the day.


Center Time

Time to play and explore! More active play time stimulates a child’s curiosity and makes them excited to learn about new things.


Daily Activities

This is when we may have our mini lesson, a Chinese lesson, do an art and craft or have story time! The children may either listen to a story about an old lady who swallowed fly, make paintings with the colors of the rainbow, learn some useful Chinese or watch as ingredients are mixed together to make a new sensory toy for the room (Playdough)!


Gross Motor Activity

Let’s get moving! Music and movement, outdoor play, and neighborhood walks allows a child to move his/her muscles and develop important motor skills.

parent pickup.jpg

Parent Pick Up

After a long day of learning and having fun, it’s time to put on our outside shoes and head home!